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The history of Birria originates when Goats were first brought from Spain to Mexico. Spaniards allowed the Natives to consume goat meat believing that it was a tough meat. Regional Natives were not frightened by this “birria” and used ancient cooking techniques to marinate and tenderize the meat.

Birria is nowadays enjoyed nationwide, prepared with goat or any other meat (pork, beef, lamb, or a mix). seasoned with peppers and spices, a good birria delivers a delicious taste and comforting quality. 

We are proud Michoacanos,  and we’re passionate about being able to share our history, and our culture through our food. La Autentica Birrieria brings the great traditional taste of an Authentic Michoacan Birria to Southern California. We strive to give an Authentic and true experience to every customer that visits our truck from the first bite to the last.


The Arana Family, began firing up the grill for friends and relatives in Mexico back in 1998. With the help and support of Friends and Family they started catering events and parties. Eventually the desire for a better life and new opportunities led the Arana family to pack up and move to the United States in 2010. Once in the States the Arana family kept there passion for cooking and catering going. 

A recipe that started in Grandma’s kitchen back in Mexico would continue to evolve and improve in its new surroundings. Eventually the Arana family (with strong support of satisfied customers) would open La Autentica Birrieria Lunch Truck in North Hollywood, California.

Once again with strong support from friends, family and customers La Autentica Birrieria is poised to open there second Truck in 2021. Jaime  Arana the acting face of the company quotes his success to efforts of his customers, team and his Faith.


Authentic Birria Taste

fresh ingredients & handmade tortillas

amazing customer service

Our commitment to our customers is what makes La Autentica Birriera successful. Our commitment is clear today as it was when we started. Take pride in the food we serve and make sure each bite showcases the rich flavor and traditions of our home state. Rely on fresh ingredients and avoid any unnecessary processed foods or oils. Finally bring it all together and serve it with smile. 


Not all birrias are created equal. There are a lot of shortcuts and money savers that are used in other birria recipes. We don’t mind waking up a little earlier to get the slow roast going if it means delivering savory meat that pulls apart beautifully. We pride ourselves in using fresh cut meats and hand made adobo seasoning. 

We know we’ve kept our commitment to authentic birria when we hear “these just hit different” 

You can’t have great tacos with mediocre tortillas.

Our tortillas don’t come out of a plastic bag.  Part of what makes our tacos the best in town is our commitment to delivering fresh, additive-free and handmade handmade corn tortillas with our world famous Birria. If you have never had tacos with home made tortillas then stop by and taste the difference.

Customer service that makes experiences into memories

Birria is rooted as being a dish that is served during holidays and special events. Wether a wedding or birthday party, Birria is a dish that brings people together. We believe that the spirit of hospitality is part of the Authentic Birria tasting experience.

Just like at a Family party we like to keep our salsa bar nice and clean, make sure no one is waiting too long for there food and serve each plate with a warm greeting and a smile.

#Thankyougod #thankyoucustomers #thankyouteam

#Thankyougod #thankyoucustomers #thankyouteam

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